Which Projects Should You Take On? Group Session vs More Clients, 3 Small Projects vs. 1 Large (Webinar Sign-up Closes Tomorrow)

How do you know what projects to take? Or whether to try group therapy in addition to individual therapy, how many groups, should you spend your precious marketing time and dollars on big homes or a few smaller ones? (I will show you how to answer these questions fully at my Webinar on Small Business Basic Finance). Let’s talk about it a little right now.

To answer them, you need to know what makes sense from a business perspective (will it make you more competitive, will your clients benefit) and what makes sense financially (more profit).

Only you can answer the business question, but to answer the financial question, you need to figure out the PROFITABILITY of each new service or type of project.

Profitability is measured by the amount of money you take in for a specific size or type of project (revenue) minus the money you spent to produce or complete that specific project (expenses associated with that project) divided by the revenue produced from that project (profitability is measured in a percentage).

You have to know the profitability of each new group or service or project and compare it to other ways you provide services to know which makes the most financial sense for your business.

Tomorrow I’m going to close sign up for my Small Business Basic Finance Webinar at 10pm eastern time. You may not want to spend money learning how to master the financials of your business, but can you afford to keep guessing at what’s best for your business?

I will show you how to know which projects are better for you to focus your precious time and marketing dollars on. You can know with confidence that it makes sense to add one more group session or one more product. Confidence is a great feeling.

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