Upcoming Seminars!

Lori Atwood’s live seminars show you how to create a household budget, cut monthly expenses, set financial goals and reach them without fights with your partner, or hours of free time spent in front of a spreadsheet! Register here and come get your financial questions answered.

Come see me speak at the following events:

Lil’ Omm Yoga
Financial Goal Setting
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Sunday, January 26th
1- 2:30pm
4708 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016

You and you partner see eye to eye on so many things. You’re best friends, you have similar tastes and even spending habits, yet something seems misaligned with your household finances. You both work really hard and yet you’re not achieving what you want.

Lori Atwood shows you practical ways to discuss your current household finances and financial goals with your partner. She will tell you how to recognize your security and lifestyle needs as they relate to your household finances. Lori will take you through examples of conflicting goals with you partner and how to analyze them to see which goal is really best for your household. She will show you how to negotiate and compromise when it comes to household finances.Cost: $30/family

Consulting Women Seminar – Free
5 Key Financials Every Consultant Should Know
Thursday, 1/30 6:30-8:30pm  (7pm Seminar Start)
Shaw Library Conference Room, 1630 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
Metro stop Shaw-Howard (yellow/green) or street parking
Lori Atwood shows you how to look at your business from a financial
perspective and how to figure out the critical financial information you
need if you’re not a spreadsheet whiz. Knowing what your business looks
like financially is the key to understanding how to achieve your financial
She will talk about knowing your top three financial priorities for
your business, how many hours, clients or projects you need to have to
achieve your goals, how to prevent financial missteps and secure your
business into the future.
Lil’ Omm Yoga
Expectant Parents and Money
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Sunday, March 16th 
1- 2:30pm
4708 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016

Amid all the excitement, joy and downright nerves you may have about being a new parent, you may also have a niggling little feeling that your bundle of joy may cost a bundle of money. Lori Atwood shows you how your household finances change after you bring home your baby and how your family financial goals may change, too.

Lori will show you how to assess the changes in your financial life, prepare for them and even feel a little less worried about money. She will discuss how lifestyle choices (staying home with your child, daycare, larger home) will have an impact on your wallet and how to prepare for these changes. Lori will also give you strategies for tracking expenses, watching your savings and achieving your financial goals.

Cost: $30/family.