No Budgets

Everyone hates budgets. Too many constraints and rules.  We agree. At Fearless Finance, our app allows you to track your spending and make a change before you’ve overspent. Most apps tell you you’ve overspent AFTER you bought that pair of shoes.  Now you just feel guilty and stressed. Our app tells you where you stand RIGHT NOW and how much you have left for Discretionary Flex Dollars. You can make an informed decision on whether to buy the shoes. Wow! Less stress already.

Tracking at a Glance

Follow our easy to read tracking bar to see how much you’ve spent so far on Full Discretionary Flex Dollars and how much you have left. No difficult-to-read pie charts and graphs. Just how much you spent and how much you have left. Imagine knowing you can buy those concert tickets right when they go on sale and not feeling stressed because you KNOW you can afford them.

Track Hotspots

Hotspots are spending categories where you tend to overspend. Maybe it’s eating out, or on your four legged friend, it can be any category and it’s specific to you. Fearless Finance allows you to favorite specific Hotspot categories so you can see how much you’re spending on them.  Spend a bit too much on your four legged, furry child, track “Pets”. Spend a lot going out to eat, track “Eating Out” and see how much you’re actually spending and how to improve.  Fearless Finance also allows you to track large Annual Expenses like Camp or Vacations.