5 Points of Financial Wellbeing – How Well Are You Doing?

Our Financial Checkup guides you through 5 Points of Financial Wellbeing to assess how you’re doing on the basics. Are you spending less than you earn monthly? Have enough for Rainy Day expenses like house repairs? Have enough for Emergencies (total loss of income)? Contributing adequately to retirement ? Have little or no credit card debt? It’s important to get the basics right before you start thinking about goals like a new house or college savings.

How To Improve

Our Financial Checkup will provide you with detailed recommendations you can implement right away. For example, how much should you save each month to build your Rainy Day savings and what percentage of your income should be allocated to your retirement plan.

Ensure Your Future Success

It’s easy to track your monthly spending with our Fearless Finance Spending app. Connect your credit cards and checking accounts to see your transactions automatically categorized into spending buckets. Full Discretionary Flex Dollars, Groceries and more. See at-a-glance how much you’ve spent and how much you have remaining each month. Spend within your targets and you’ll be on the path to reach your financial goals.