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inconsistent income

Is a 529 the right way to save for your family?

College is expensive and daunting for new parents. How much should you save, and what if you cannot save right now? These are reasonable questions, and you want to make sure you explore the pros and cons of saving for college and see what is the best path for your household.
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Other options besides 529 Plans

Everyone talks about 529s, but are there other options? Is a 529 or Coverdell right for your household? You may have other relatives who want to help you save for college and you want to choose the right vehicle to do so.
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Conversation about money

Expected Family Contribution – Are they Crazy?

How is Expected Family Contribution calculated? When a college tells the family what it expects it to contribute to the child’s tuition, it can be completely out of touch with the financial reality for the family. What can you do, if that happens?
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