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Katie Haynes

Katie Haynes, is an Associate at Atwood Financial Planning in Colorado.

Before starting at Atwood Financial Planning, Katie worked independently as a financial coach. She has also worked in sales and marketing for the solar energy industry, and in international development and education. With a BA in psychology and a background in financial coaching, Katie takes a holistic approach to your financial well-being and will help you prioritize your money decisions and feel good about the future without feeling deprived in the present.

Katie spent her 20s working in international education and exploring the world. Wanting to make a difference in a more direct way, she moved to Fort Collins in 2012 to pursue a degree in Global, Social & Sustainable Enterprise at Colorado State University. Katie completed her MBA in 2013 and worked in international development and renewable energy for the next 5 years. Along the way, she got serious about paying off debt from her adventurous 20s and discovered the unexpected freedom of budgeting. Katie began coaching friends and acquaintances on financial principles and completed the Financial Coach Academy course before transitioning into financial planning.

Like all members of the Atwood Financial Planning team, Katie is a fiduciary, who charges by the hour only. She has no affiliations, and collects no commissions for her work. Katie is an Associate for Atwood Financial Planning, LLC which is a Registered Investment Adviser in DC, CA, CO, MD, NJ, NY, OH, PA, and VA.

Get in touch with Katie at (970) 279-1695 or katie.haynes@atwoodfinancial.com.