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Jason Ross, CPA, Candidate CFP® Board Certification

Jason Ross has worked in finance for more than 13 years, most recently as a partnership, investment and business advisor for six years at a global advertising technology company. While having enjoyed his career in the corporate world, he realized that applying his big picture thinking and analytical skills to guiding individuals and families to reach their financial and life goals is his calling.

Jason believes that the basics of wealth building are, in fact, simple;

  • Spend less than you make
  • Save and invest the difference

While the path may be simple, sticking to it may not be. Jason can help you follow the golden brick road.

To succeed financially, you must navigate the typical household challenges: those of employers (or clients) trying to pay you the minimum; marketers and peers pressuring you to part with your money; and making sense of an investment and insurance marketplace that are often designed by experts to confuse.

Jason applies his corporate experience from public accounting, professional sports and advertising to help his clients treat their financial life like a business. He believes every household should have a business plan (aka goals) and a set of financial statements that are updated and reviewed regularly. Don’t worry, if spreadsheets are not your thing, he’s happy to set them up for you. What else would a certified money nerd do for fun?

Jason is a CPA licensed in the state of New York. He’s also a candidate to become a CFP® Professional having already completed the required education and passing the exam in November 2018. He has an undergraduate degree in accounting from Binghamton University.

In Jason’s free time, you can find him skiing anywhere from California to Switzerland or biking around his neighborhood with one of his sons enjoying the breeze from the back of the bike. When playing outside is not an option, he enjoys the challenge of playing competitive analytical games. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two young sons.

Like all members of the Atwood Financial Planning team, Jason is a fiduciary, who charges by the hour only. He has no affiliations, and collects no commissions for his work. Jason is an Associate for Atwood Financial Planning, LLC which is a Registered Investment Adviser in in DC, CA, CO, MD, NJ, NY, OH, PA, and VA.

Get in touch with Jason at (917) 620-4217 or jasonr@atwoodfinancial.com