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Erik Attias

Erik Attias, is an Associate at Atwood Financial Planning and works in the Los Angeles and southern California area. He has had a long and varied career ranging from Concession company management to working behind the scenes on cable and network television. These careers have taught him many things and given him many different types of experiences to draw upon. However, one thing they all have in common is managing money and finances. Erik has managed the cash flow for small firms and large operations like television shows. He knows how important it is to understand and be in control of your finances.

Erik put this experience and knowledge to work on his personal finances and those of family and friends and realized he had a real passion for helping people get a handle on their finances and helping them achieve their financial goals. He can help you with your overall financial planning including cash flow, debt and savings, retirement preparation and setting financial goals like saving for college or buying a home.

Erik is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and when he is not helping people with their finances, he is spending his time with his wife and three cats who don’t seem too interested in his financial advice but do love playing with string and hiding in boxes.

Like all members of the Atwood Financial Planning team, Erik is a fiduciary, who charges by the hour only. He has no affiliations, and collects no commissions for his work. Erik is an Associate for Atwood Financial Planning, LLC which is a Registered Investment Adviser in in DC, CA, CO, MD, NJ, NY, OH, PA, and VA.

Get in touch with Erik at erik@atwoodfinancial.com or (213) 300-2799.