Is One-on-One Hourly Planning Right for Me?

No commitments, no sales pitch, no commissions, no affiliations – just financial planning focused on you and your financial wellbeing. There’s no long-term commitment, and we don’t manage accounts, so we can meet you where you are on your wealth-building journey. Our registered financial planners go through a proven process to generate a financial plan you can stick with and achieve your goals.

Our Process

Our proprietary process starts with the 5 Steps to Financial Wellbeing that are critical to achieving a solid financial foundation from which to achieve your goals. Once you’ve conquered these steps, you’ll know you don’t have to stress about your finances.

Without a secure cash flow, you cannot stay out of credit card debt and save for the future. We start there. We then want to make sure you have some savings for unexpected expenses and for emergencies – a total loss of income. We also want to make sure you’re saving enough for retirement and that your credit cards are paid in full each month or you have a plan to pay them down.

Achieving Your Goals

No matter what your goals are – a new house, retiring early, etc. – our planners are listening. We understand the complexities of finding the right financial path and we know how to avoid the pitfalls. We will run scenarios to find the right plan to achieve your goals and reduce financial stress.

We will also discuss insurances, estate planning, and your investment portfolio. AFP is a fully Registered Investment Adviser. Our planners are licensed Investment Adviser Representatives who will work with you on portfolio planning and asset allocation. We will understand your risk tolerance and put together an investment plan that works for you.

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