Where can institutions turn when they want a fee-only portfolio manager?

You are passionate about your mission and the institution you help direct. You want your assets to grow to allow your institution to keep doing the incredible work it’s doing. Deep in your gut, you know you are paying too much for portfolio management and somehow, the market seems to be doing better than your portfolio. If you feel that way, you may want to try a fee-only planner like Atwood Financial.

We charge by the hour ONLY for financial consulting, portfolio management, cash management and budgeting advice. You work with Lori Atwood, CFP(r) who has 25 years experience in finance working with all types of institutions. She will help you pick the right custodian or stay with your current one, update your investment policy as needed, and critically provide an asset allocation and be there every step of the way as you transition your portfolio.

Does Fee-Only financial advice make sense for your organization?

  • Legacy asset management doesn’t communicate much with you
  • You see a lot of trades go by, but you’re not sure your returns are keeping up with your investment policy or the market.
  • Your institution wants to move past the legacy assets-under-management advisor that doesn’t fit your mission or the community you serve.
  • You are looking for investment options that reflect your mission and your current advice isn’t offering them.
  • You prefer an hourly model to save your institution money that can be used for programs.

How Can Atwood Financial Help You?

  • We charge by the hour down to the quarter hour.  No hidden fees, or retainers.
  • We work with you in a judgment free, no-jargon way.
  • We help you understand your institution’s risk appetite and create a portfolio that reflects it.
  • We help you transfer and transition your portfolio as needed to custodians that fit who your institution is.
  • We are always there for you. Whenever you have a question or need to discuss your portfolio.

Feel good about your portfolio management! Align your mission and your portfolio goals with Atwood Financial.

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