I’m Adding ANOTHER FREE BONUS for Signing Up for My Small Business Basic Finance Webinar (to make up for some technical bumps!)

Small Business Basic Finance Webinar Series shows you how to know:

  • how much money you’re making
  • how much and when you can take money out of your business
  • if you’re priced right

I know a few of you have had some technical challenges,signing up for my Webinar. I’m sorry.

Remember, your PROMO CODE is LAFF (all CAPS) for a 20% discount (click here to go right to PROMO CODE page).

If you’re on the sign up page, once you click the blue PROMO CODE button to go to the PROMO CODE page, you must chose a payment method from the Paypal buttons below and click through to paypal to pay and be registered.

I also know that many of you received my sign up email at 2am Eastern time because my email list management service was down for a few hours (mixed in with the overnight spam emails!).

As a result, I’m offering ANOTHER AMAZING BONUS if you sign up for my Small Business Basic Finance Webinar:

  • FREE – my so-simple-my-six-year-old-can-use-it template for your business’ finances. (Just my business finance template sells for $500)

It’s the template I use with my private clients and it’s the foundation upon which we build the knowledge that we’re priced right, making money and able to pay ourselves.

If you thought you couldn’t take my Webinar because you wouldn’t know where to begin setting up your business’ finances, you don’t have to worry anymore because I’m GIVING IT TO YOU – FREE.

I will take all the risk. If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back. GUARANTEED!

I’m keeping this first Webinar small to promote lots of interaction, but there are a few spots left. Email me if you have a question, lori@loriatwood.com. Looking forward to meeting you at the Webinar!