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inconsistent income

What to expect financially, when you’re expecting

In the short-term, prioritize making sure you can afford childcare each month and if not, start cutting unnecessary expenses until you can. Figure out what you absolutely need and don’t mess with the rest unless people are giving it as a gift. You will eventually get into a flow with baby expenses and they will become predictable.
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Which comes first: the house or the baby?

You’ve been married a while and you’re ready for more space and to start your family. What do you do first? Should you buy the house, then have the baby or save and live in the smaller place while the baby is small to buy a bigger place in a few years. These are tough questions because it’s very difficult to do both at once.
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Conversation about money

It’s boring, but REQUIRED – Get life insurance if you’re having a baby

This is probably the least fun aspect of having a baby except maybe hemorrhoids, but every parent needs TERM life insurance preferably before the baby comes. Make sure you are covered. While you’re on the boring stuff, get a will, too.
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