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Getting Married

Combine accounts or not?

A lot in your life will change when you get married, and one of the major changes is your finances. How should you run the finances of your combined household? What’s financially best, and what is most comfortable. What approach opens lines of communication and makes things more transparent?
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Having the “conversation” about money before you marry.

Talking about money makes your stomach queasy. Maybe you and your fiance have different approaches to finances and you’ve never really discussed it. It’s one of the most important conversations to have before marriage. You need to know EVERYTHING about each other’s finances to start your lives together in the most transparent way, that promotes cooperation and communication.
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Conversation about money

Different Spending Styles

“My fiancé likes to spend more than I do and I’m a saver.” “My fiancé has some debt and don’t want to accumulate any more debt.” “We both like to save, but I think it’s good to treat ourselves sometimes on vacations or things for the house.” These are all reasonable comments to make. It’s hard to meet and fall in love with someone with exactly the same money habits as you have. The key is prioritizing long term goals, communication, and agreeing on splurge amounts so there are no surprises.
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