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inconsistent income

What to do 1st, 2nd and 3rd when you are separating

Divorce is one of life’s most significant upheavals and also one of life’s greatest bankrupters. Emotions and tempers are inflamed and it’s hard to know where to start when you are going through a psychological trauma like divorce. Here’s what to do first, second and third, from a financial perspective.
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How to figure out what your new life will look like financially

in a time of divorce it can be hard to function let alone plan for the future. It’s important to know how to plan for your new life and make sure you do not make costly mistakes when you are psychologically vulnerable. The best way to make decisions is armed with as much information as you can get. That’s why understanding your cash flow in your new life is critical.
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Conversation about money

Financial Dos and Don’ts when getting divorced

Here’s a list of general guidelines of financial Dos and Don’ts when getting a divorce. Clearly, every case is different and some of these guidelines will not fit your situation. Hopefully, we can help you avoid some pitfalls in difficult and transitional times.
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