Financial Peace of Mind

Track Spending

Tracking Beats Budgets

At Fearless FInance, we believe you should track your Full Discretionary spending and Groceries each month because that’s where people tend to overspend. Budgets can be frustrating since every month is different. Some months you eat out a lot, some months you buy more clothes. It’s annoying to have to move line items just to keep up with your real life. Tracking eliminates that.

Set your Targets for Full Discretionary (we call them Flex Dollars) and Groceries. Our app auto-categorizes your transactions directly from your checking account and credit card. No entering data! Just look down at your progress bar and make sure you have enough when you see that pair of shoes you really want.

Connect Your Accounts Safely

We’ve integrated industry- vetted and PCI- compliant financial services to communicate with your banks and credit cards.
Transaction information is automatically brought in, categorized, and counted so you have real time insight on how you’re doing. Read more about linking accounts here.