Fearless Finance Fall News 2022!

It’s already fall and as we approach the new year, we have some exciting changes afoot at Atwood Financial Planning and Fearless Finance that we want to share with you!


On Jan. 1st, we’re rolling out a new approach to financial planning with flat fee initial plans (more details on why this will be great for new clients in a few weeks). Don’t worry, this DOES NOT AFFECT any current clients who will continue to be charged by the hour for check-ins and specific topic meetings.


We’re also continuing to grow our corporate financial wellness business. Please let us know if you think your employer or company could benefit from improved financial wellness!


Inflation has hit us as well. We will be increasing our prices firmwide for our hourly clients as of January 1, 2023.  All Associates will charge $220/hour for check-ins moving forward. New clients (signing engagement letters after Jan. 1, 2023) with any Associate will be subject to the flat fee plan offerings discussed above.


Lori Atwood will continue to charge hourly ONLY and will not participate in the flat fee plans. Her hourly fee will increase to $290/hour for new clients on Jan.1st. Lori’s clients who signed Engagement Letters before Jan. 1, 2023 will still get the current hourly rate until April 1, 2023, when all of Lori’s clients will then pay $290/hour. We will still charge to the nearest quarter hour.


We’re also excited to welcome Katie Van Wyngarden to our team. Katie brings personal finance and tax planning experience to her client work and is located in southeastern Washington state, near Spokane. We are thrilled to have her onboard!


Please email us at help@fearlessfinance or email your planner directly if you have any questions.



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