Do You Know and Understand the Financials of Your Business (sign up for my webinar series on Small Business Basic Finance and be able to answer YES!)

I want to give you details about the Small Business Basic Finance Webinar Series. It’s going to be specifically about the basic financial information you need to know about your business:

  1. are you priced right;
  2. is your business making money and can it survive into the future; and
  3. can you take enough money out to live on?

We’re will answer all these questions (and a bunch of free bonuses including a one-on-one session with me). We’re going to do it in 3 calls, 1 call per week starting next week. One call on each topic. It’s going to be awesome!

It’s not going to be a huge course on every level of finance and accounting. It’s going to be a deep dive on the basics so you can run your business better and have less anxiety about your finances because you really know your business is sustainable and can provide enough for you to live on.

The whole idea is to walk you through, step by step, and give you all the tools I use with my private small business clients. We’re going to step through my small business basic finance process with your business. You get access to me for your questions without having to hire me as a private client and you get my feedback on your work.

The Small Business Basic Finance Webinar Series (Sign up and see schedule here) is for anyone who isn’t a finance person, but is anxious about their business’ finances or wants to be more comfortable with their finances. If you have some financial knowledge, that’s fine too, because my webinar will help you hone in on what aspects of your finances are the most important for your business. I’m going to show you how to know your business’ finances and make better financial decisions, without taking too much time away from what you love: running your business. I’m going to help take the fear out of thinking about your finances.

  • First Webinar: You will know if your business is making money, making enough to support your household, and expected to keep making money into the future by showing you how to develop a simple cash flow and forecast the future projects and spending
  • Second Webinar: Shows you how and when to take money out of your business and how to keep your business and personal finances separate. We will discuss smoothing uneven cash flows and keeping separate accounts.
  • Third Call: Shows you how to know if you priced right by taking using the information you gathered in the first two calls, and analyzing your market and competitive data.

I’m really excited about this, and you can click here and go right to my sign up page. People have been asking me to do a webinar series for a long time, and it will be my first webinar for small business. Because it’s my first, it’s going to be a small group and some of the spots are already taken by clients and others. A small group also allows me to give everyone hands-on attention and makes the Webinar very interactive. Because it’s such a small group it’s going to be similar to a private client relationship and although it won’t be inexpensive, it won’t be anywhere near my hourly rate.

I don’t know how many spots will be available at the time you read this so I don’t know how long the sign up page will be available. If you can click through to my sign up page, then there are still a few spots left.

Small business basic finance is awesome because it’s real world, it’s useful to every business owner and takes a lot of fear and anxiety out of your life so you can do what you love to do, run your business. You will end up sleeping better at night, knowing what questions to ask about your businesses finances and HOW to get the information you need. I use this process over and over with my clients. It works.

I gave you and overview and I’m looking forward to meeting you on my webinar. Click the link to sign up. Email me directly if you have any questions. Good luck!