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Amaka Onyekelu-Eze

Amaka Onyekelu-Eze
Amaka Onyekelu-Eze is a Atwood Financial Associate in New York.  As the eldest child in a Nigerian household, Amaka grew up closely shadowing her mother in the management of the household’s finances and learned how to budget and save from a young age.

Amaka attended Queens College in New York, where she majored in Sociology & Urban Studies. After graduation, she started working in public health with participants in a nationwide occupational cancer screening program. In her role, she often found herself operating in a socially supportive role to the patients. It became important to Amaka to become knowledgeable of the patient’s journey to empower them with resources available to assist them along the way, and she carries that goal through to her work with financial planning clients.

Amaka’s aptitude for numbers and her experience in managing her own finances led her to the field of personal finance, and she began reading books, attending seminars, and completed post-baccalaureate courses in Finance to expand her knowledge. She soon realized she had a talent for it and started helping friends and family members with their finances and has hosted financial seminars for a local faith-based organization.

Using a compassionate and culturally sensitive approach, Amaka works closely with her clients to assess their individual financial needs and develops personalized strategies to achieve their financial goals. Whether it’s creating a budget, managing debt, or building wealth through investments, Amaka is dedicated to empowering her clients with the knowledge and tools that they will need to take control of their finances and achieve financial security.In her free time, Amaka enjoys her morning hikes, reading, flexibility & mobility training and spending time laughing with her loved ones. She is currently taking classes towards the Certified Financial Planner designation.

Like all members of the Atwood Financial team, Amaka is a fiduciary, who charges by the hour only. She has no affiliations and collects no commissions for her work.

Get in touch with Amaka at (516) 847-5184 or amaka.onyekelueze@fearlessfinance.com.