Managing Your Money With a New Baby – Lori’s Seminar at Lil’ Omm

Expectant Parents & Money with Lori Atwood

Sunday, March 16
From: 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Lil’ Omm Yoga

4708 Wisconsin Ave NW

Amid all the excitement, joy and downright nerves you may have about being a new parent, you may also have a niggling little feeling that your bundle of joy may cost a bundle of money. Lori Atwood shows you how your household finances change after you bring home your baby and how your family financial goals may change, too.

Lori will show you how to assess the changes in your financial life, prepare for them and even feel a little less worried about money. She will discuss how lifestyle choices (staying home with your child, daycare, larger home) will have an impact on your wallet and how to prepare for these changes. Lori will also give you strategies for tracking expenses, watching your savings and achieving your financial goals.

Cost: $20/family.

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